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Flangeconnect is specialized in flange mechanic skills training and Flange mechanic safety courses (Dutch SOG).

Flangeconnect is certified to the standard NEN-EN 1591-4

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Safety courses (Dutch SOG) Flensburg Mechanics

The Safety courses:

Working on flange connections according to protocol,
Working on flange connections according to protocol with torque and tensioning equipment and
Working with twin ferrule fittings
are listed in the
VCA training guide (Dutch SOG).

These courses are mandatory for flange mechanics and instrumentation fitters of Dutch VCA / VCU certified companies which are active in the (petro-)chemical industry.

Technical training for mechanics Flange

The training

Flange Mechanic Skills,
refresher Flange Mechanic Skills and the additional module Plastic piping systems are aimed to bring the expertise of the flange mechanic at a higher level.

These courses are in line with customer demand and problems in practice.. The training Flange mechanic Skills is recognized by Deltalinqs and in stated in the specifications of Shell / Nam.

Safety courses

Dutch SOG Training Guide

The aforementioned safety training Flange Mechanic is stated in the SOG.

Working on flange connections according to protocol

The course "Working with flange connections according to protocol" (WFPr) superseding 1/1/2011 the course "Working on low pressure flanges".

Working on flange connections according to protocol with torque- and tensioning equipment

(WFPrTT) Flange fitters learn to securely and responsibly close flange connections at a specified torque and / or force in the bolt connection using torque- or tensioning equipment.

Working with twin ferrule fittings

(WTF) Instrument fitters learn twin-ferrule fittings safely and correctly (her) mount.

Working with twin ferrule fittings - NAM specific threaded connections

The WTF training supplemented with the NAM module “special threads”.


Flange Mechanic Skills

Flange fitters learn several tightening methods to be able to make good quality flange connections in any situation.

Flange Mechanic Skills refresher

The students get a repeat of the technical skills of working with flange connections.

Module plastic flange connection

The plastic flange connections module treats it in theory and practice (of)mounting flange connections in a plastic pipe system.