Flange Mechanic Skills

The students are trained in the technical skills of working with flange connections. Through advanced diametrically close they learn to achieve a proper and evenly distributed pressure on the gasket to as "source" leakage, too diffuse leakage and other damage to property, avoid people and environment. Through the establishment of a flange label / protocol can be measured, inter alia, with respect to deviations from the ideal position, and recorded.
This course is designed for all employees who flange connections (of)mount. Optioneel is om deze 2 daagse opleiding te combineren met het examen WFPr.

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Flange Mechanic Skills


2 days including examination


Class Schedule

08:30 to 17:00 hour


€ 865, = per person excl. SALES TAX, including catering, book, examination diploma


Flangeconnect, Roald Amundsenstraat 56, 7825 AV, Emmen
other locations or in company may, price on request

Group size

minimal 6 maximum 8 students


5 year validity, online diploma register flexamination.nl


18 year, VCA certificate, WFPr certificate (Dutch SOG), own PBM


Flange mechanic professional competence meets the standard


The student learns flange connections in a safe and technically sound manner fitting for correct and evenly distributed pressure on the gasket occurs. Work with flange label- en protocol.


  • flanges, packings, appendages
  • tools, Torque Wrench
  • relaxation and creep
  • friction
  • fasteners
  • packing: of torque to the gland
  • (advanced) close diametrically
  • read gaskets
  • Flensburg label
  • canary grass protocol
  • flangemanagement


  • close diametrically
  • advanced close diametrically
  • positional deviations, and positioning flanges,
  • measurement of bolt tension and making graph
  • Working with torque wrench (tightening and surveying)
  • packing (of)mount
  • assess gasket
  • Registration flange tag / protocol

Module plastic flange connection

The plastic flange connections module treats it in theory and practice (of)mounting flange connections in a plastic pipe system. The much smaller tightening torques that apply to plastic flanges require more background knowledge about the high-quality closing of a flange connection and a different approach in practice. This module is integrated in the Flange Mechanic Professional Technique course (only for groups).

FM VI Cursusdata 2021

  • 25+26 mei
  • 16+17 juni
  • 27+28 september
  • 15+16 december