Working on flange connections according to protocol with torque- and tensioning equipment

The course "Working with flange connections according to protocol with torque- and tensioning equipment " (WFPrTT) meets the VCA requirements for hazardous work and is in accordance with the SSVV Training Guide (Dutch SOG).
This course is intended for employees on a (petrochemical)premises flange connections (of)monteren met behulp van torque- en/of tensioning apparatuur.
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Open registration *: WFPr met torque- and tensioning equipment


Watch out

For employees of VCA certified companies working within the petro -(chemical industry) This course is a requirement from the SOG!


Basis training 2 days including examination / herhaling training*
1 day including exam

Class Schedule

08:30 to 17:00 hour


* 1 day repetition training € 350,= Per person excl. SALES TAX, including catering, examination volgens diploma SOG opleidingengids


Flangeconnect, Roald Amundsenstraat 56, 7825 AV, Emmen
other locations or in company may

Group size

minimal 6 maximum 8


5 year validity


18 year, access to fully own PBM, VCA certificate valid, geldig diploma Werken aan flensverbindingen volgens protocol (WFPr)



Open and close flange connections in a safe and responsible manner with the prescribed torque and / or force in the bolt connection.



  • Apparatuur, soorten en kallibratie;
  • Werkwijze torquen;
  • Werkwijze tensioning, principe van oprekken, specifieke toepassing;
  • Principes van gecontroleerd lossen en aanhalen van flensverbindingen;
  • Werken volgens protocol;
  • Veiligheidseisen.


  • Apply rules and procedures;
  • Toepassen LMRA;
  • Werken met benodigde meetinstrumenten;
  • Werken met torque- and tensioning equipment.

WFPrtt Course Dates 2021

  • 27 mei
  • 18 juni
  • 29 september
  • 17 december