Working on flange connections according to protocol

From veiligheidscursus “Working with flange connections according to protocol” (WFPr) meets the VCA requirements for hazardous work and is in accordance with the SSVV Training Guide (Dutch SOG). This course is intended for employees on a (petrochemical)premises flange connections (of)mount.
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Open registration *: Working on flange connections according to protocol


Watch out

For employees of VCA certified companies working within the petro -(chemical industry) This course is a requirement from the SOG!


Basis training 2 days including examination / herhaling training*
1 day including exam

Class Schedule

08:00 until 17:00 hour


* 1 day repetition € 290 per person excl. SALES TAX, including catering, examination volgens diploma SOG opleidingengids


Flangeconnect, Roald Amundsenstraat 56, 7825 AV, Emmen
Dordrecht, Rotterdam-company or possible

Group size

minimum 6 maximum 8


5 year validity


18 year, 16 years if VMBO training, have your own PBM


De opleiding Flensmonteur Vaktechniek kan uitgebreid worden met het examen WFPr, This additional test will cost € 75, =

Watch out

Safety is important, but to learn good keys follow the technical training Flange Mechanic Professional Practice of Flang Connect (NEN-EN 1591-4)


Open safe and responsible manner flange connections and connect with specified torque.


  • Correct method of preparing work on flanges;
  • Interpret rules of the Health Act;
  • Safety, work permits and internal rules;
  • Identify flanges;
  • Identify Studbolts;
  • Identify Gaskets, application and method of use;
  • Pipeline installation;
  • Recognize Equipment;
  • Recognize appendages;
  • Opening and closing flange connections.


  • Apply rules and procedures;
  • Safe to tinker flanges;
  • Working with the required tools;
  • With the necessary resources to work;
  • Connecting flanges places and pull or rotate brilflenzen;
  • Pipe flange connections open and close according to protocol.

WFPr Course Dates 2021

  • 4 mei
  • 10 juni
  • 16 juli
  • 8 september
  • 11 oktober
  • 17 november
  • 21 december