Working with twin ferrule fittings – NAM specific threaded connections

The course "Working with twin ferrule fittings" (WTF) meets the VCA requirements for hazardous work and is in accordance with the SSVV Training Guide (Dutch SOG). Especially for NAM this course is completed with the module "NAM specific threaded connections". This combination course is for employees on a (petrochemical)premises of NAM twin ferrule fittings (instrumentation fittings) (of)mount.
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Open inschrijving: WTF / NAM specific threaded connections


Watch out

For employees of VCA certified companies working within the petro(chemical industry) Course WTF is a commitment from the SOG!


Basis training 2 days including examination / herhaling training* 1 day including exam

Class Schedule

08:00 until 17:00 hour


* € 698, = per person excl. SALES TAX, including catering, e-learning module, examination volgens diploma SOG opleidingengids, NAM module certificate Flex Amina Tion


Flangeconnect, Roald Amundsenstraat 56, 7825 AV, Emmen, incompany is possible

Group size

minimum 6 maximum 12


5 year validity


18 year, experience in bending tubing, access to fully own PBM



Being able to properly (her)assembling Instrumentation Fittings (twin ferrule) and the identification of various types and brands (Swagelok, Gyrolok, A-lok / Parker) in order to avoid that parts are used interchangeably. Treated De NAM module: the use of PTFE tape, various type schroefdraadverbindingen, transmitter manifold assembly with torque wrench.



  • goal
  • safety
  • type fittings, tube aspects
  • tube aspects
  • material treatment, installation instructions
  • PTFE tape, threaded connections, transmitter montage


  • of recognizing the different brands, sizes and materials
  • exercise with three different mounting fittings
  • the making of a workpiece according to work assignment
  • Use of PTFE tape
  • montage transmitter op manifold